Supportive Services For Seniors at Home

Most seniors want to remain independent for as long as possible, but reduced mobility, diminished eyesight, low energy and cognitive changes can limit a senior’s ability to care for themself and their home. It can be upsetting to visit a loved one and find a grimy house and signs that personal hygiene has no been attended to. However, with a little outside help many seniors can continue to live independently and enjoy a high quality of life.

One of the most difficult tasks for loved ones to help with is personal care. It can be awkward and embarrassing for a child to need to help their parent with intimate tasks such as bathing, dressing, toileting and managing incontinence. A home care service can do all these things in a compassionate and professional way that allows the senior to maintain their dignity and autonomy.

Housekeeping can also be a challenge for many elderly people. A tendency to forgetfulness may mean some chores are overlooked. Diminished eyesight may leave the homeowner unaware that floors need sweeping or shelves dusted. As elderly bodies become more frail and prone to injury some tasks become risky and are better left to others. A housekeeping service ensures that all chores are completed regularly without risk to your loved one.

Some seniors have difficulty with planning and preparing regular meals. Age, forgetfulness, and some medications can reduce the appetite and they may skip meals altogether. Many home health care groups provide assistance with menu planning, shopping and preparation, filling the freezer with convenient, nutritious meals that can be eaten throughout the week. These services relieve the burden of providing meals from family members and friends and give you the peace of mind of knowing your loved one will not go hungry.

Many seniors are reluctant to admit that they are becoming less skilled drivers. They fear that giving up driving will leave them homebound, but letting someone else take the wheel doesn’t have to mean losing their independence. If they become lost in familiar neighborhoods, veer out of their designated lane, or are inattentive to street signs and traffic signals, it may be time to seek transportation assistance. Senior escort services not only provide transportation to errands, appointments and activities, but also offer companionship and can help their client to get ready to go, take notes where needed, and complete tasks efficiently.

Home health care businesses offer many benefits for seniors and their families. Having the assistance of a professional ensures your aging loved one can maintain a high quality of life throughout their golden years. To learn more about in home senior personal care in Vista, please visit this website.


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Emily advises people on health and senior care.
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