Close as Can Be

1An elderly couple is sitting outside in a loving embrace. They seem to be entertained by a sort of show or performance in the background as there is an amp sitting in the grass and their back is turned to the camera.

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Industry Leaders Offer Predictions on Future of Senior Living

More Americans proactively will seek to reside in senior living communities, and the industry has a role to play in ensuring that consumers will be financially prepared for their retirement years… read more

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Diabetics and Fruit


Not all fruits are healthy for everyone. If you are a diabetic, try low-carb options like berries and peaches and cherries. These options are full of helpful nutrients like antioxidants and potassium.

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Share Your Passion for Senior Living with ALFA

2015 marks ALFA’s 25th Anniversary! 25 years of stories, laughter, inspiration and learning as a team. Share the moments that have helped define your passion for senior living… read more

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Nutrition Tips for Seniors

As individuals age, what they eat must change to accommodate their bodies new needs. Generally, doctors will just recommend a well-balanced diet consisting of vegetables, proteins, fruits and wholes grains. These components serve to maintain and improve overall health, but there are specific nutrients caregivers can include into a senior’s diet to deliver a nutritional boost. Preparing meals based on a few target ingredients will do the trick.

1. Incorporate Calcium

Calcium is important for maintaining bone health and lowering blood pressure. The average adult over 50 years of age should consume around 1200 milligrams of calcium per day. This is roughly equivalent to four cups of dairy or non-dairy milks. Leafy greens such as turnip leaves and kale are another excellent and absorbable source of the nutrient.

2. Limit Sodium Intake

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a very common problem among seniors. Avoiding added table salt is helpful, but it only accounts for a minimal sodium percentage. Processed, frozen and take-out foods are notoriously high in sodium. Replace these meals with fresh options and wholesome ingredients.

3. Include Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Many ailments can cause inflammation so it tends to be a frequent problem with older people. Heart disease, arthritis and cancer may all produce swelling symptoms. If foods rich in Omega 3 are eaten regularly, the nutrient can reduce inflammation. This fatty acid can be found in several types of fish, flaxseed products and canola oil.

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In-Home Elder Care

1Home care for the elderly is a great way to provide the care they need without taking away their support system of family and friends. Seniors can maintain their independence from the comfort of their own home.

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